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7th Annual Volunteer Recognition Program

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Each year, through nominations from our members, worthy volunteers are recognised by the District through the Volunteer Recognition Program for their outstanding contributions made to the District in the areas of Sport, Culture and Recreation.

2016 will mark the 7th Annual Volunteer Recognition Program and we are looking for a community/organization that would like to host the event! Is your community interested in paying tribute to the amazing volunteers throughout West Central Saskatchewan? If so, please fill out the Bid to Host.

Do you have someone in mind from your community that you feel should be recognised for their commitment to volunteering? It only takes a few minutes to complete a nomination to show gratitude to those dedicated to sport, culture and recreation in your community. Please fill out the Nomination Package.

We look forward to receiving your Bid to Host and Nomination Package! Please submit all bids, nominations and inquiries to Cynthia Tymoruski, Community Development Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 306-446-6776.

Deadline has been extended to February 12, 2016!

Upcoming Rivers West Workshops

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First Impressions Community Exchange

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SEDA is pleased to promote and support a First Impressions Community Exchange Program for member communities.  This program is a simple and cost effective initiative which contributes to building a vision and strategic plan for a municipality or region.

The intent of the program is to provide two participating communities with unbiased and constructive feedback based on a structured visitation process. Please download this brochure for more information on this opportunity.

Three levels of support from SEDA are available.


FREE service available to all SEDA members.

  • We will support this effort by providing electronic copies of a Coordinators Guide, Visiting Team Member Guide and various Powerpoint Presentation Templates. We will also assist in identifying matching communities for interested municipalities.


Fee for Service(hourly or project based). Project Management of the First Impressions Exchange.

  • Includes brokering of agreement between the two communities; coordinating the visitation process; provision of all project materials; facilitating the final report meetings and supporting action planning based on the outcomes of the exchange and the final reports.


Flat fee plus travel expenses. SEDA Team Conducts Visit to the community.

  • A minimum of two staff and/or volunteers will visit your community and conduct a First Impressions visitation followed directly by presentation of findings. implementation will be completed within a three day period.

- See more at: http://www.seda.sk.ca/html/education-training/Special-Programs/First_Impressions_Community_Exchange_Program_/index.cfm#sthash.bQAJYWe0.dpuf