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Re-Open Saskatchewan

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Re-Open Saskatchewan is a plan built on a methodical and phased-in approach to slowly and responsibly lift restrictions on businesses and services. 

Restrictions will be lifted in phases, with consideration given to socioeconomic factors and the risk of transmission. They will be implemented via public health orders and the timing will be dictated by evidence of transmission.

Click here for most current version of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan (Updated: June 23, 2020)



Congratulations Ollie!

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"I volunteer because I enjoy meeting people, sharing ideas and learning from others.

I am very fortunate for the relationships I’ve built and for my family, who has been so supportive of these commitments."

 - Ollie Marciniuk, Rivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation Board of Directors 

Ollie Marciniuk’s lifetime of dedication to his community, theRivers West District for Sport, Culture and Recreation District and the province can be coined as “consistent, considerate and committed leadership.” This is no understatement. Ollie has been an instrumental member of the Rivers West District Board since its creation in 2009. 

His passion for volunteering began in his role as a former teacher in Hafford, SK, where he spent 35 years inspiring others as an educator, coach and official. This enthusiasm for recreation and community development continued as he went on to serve on many boards and committees including (but not limited to), the Hafford & District Recreation Board, the Battlefords Regional Recreation Association, and the Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association.  

For Ollie, volunteering comes with sense of satisfaction in seeing an idea, event or initiative come to life and the legacy and memories it creates for the future.