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Partner Workshops and Clinics

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Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association:

Saskatchewan Parks Worker Course

  • Course Instructor:  Patricia Hanbidge with the Saskatoon School of Horticulture
  • Location: The Legends Centre – Child Minding Room – Main Floor, Warman, SK
  • Date: Monday, September 24 to Thursday, September 27, 2018
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily  (lunch included)
  • Cost: $485 plus GST for SPRA Members

About this Course

This course provides an overview of a typical parks system and its maintenance practices. The course will discuss plant physiology, soil health and best practices for park landscapes in Saskatchewan, including design, construction and maintenance of parks and park features. Focused on the Horticultural requirements for a successful park system, this course is specifically designed for SPRA members, municipalities in Saskatchewan and park operators.

Course topics include:  Park Management and Design - Soil Health, including Soil Properties, Nutrients and Water, and Erosion and Conservation - Plant Biology, including Plant Anatomy and Plant Diseases and Pests - Park Design, including Fundamental of Park Design, Plant Selection, and Park Features - Best Practices for Park Maintenance, including Short/Long Term Maintenance and Integrated Pest Management and Park Management Challenges.

For More information please see the Saskatchewan Parks Worker Course Brochure.

2018 Conference and Annual General Meeting

Coaches Association of Saskatchewan Workshops:

Museum Association of Saskatchewan

MAS offers a range of learning opportunities. We design our training and resources to support museum staff and volunteers of all kinds, from board members to student workers, and from emerging to established professionals. http://saskmuseums.org/programs

Museum Association of Saskatchewan Volunteer Management Workshop in Lloydminster

In this course, you’ll learn about the scope of volunteerism nationally and provincially, volunteer
trends and motivation, and community analysis. You’ll also examine the relationship between the
museum and community and its impact on volunteerism, learn how to write a volunteer policy, and
understand the volunteer management cycle.

Register Online

Tourism Saskatchewan
Through Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) has a number of professional development opportunities that are available and listed on their website:   http://store.industrymatters.com/category/train

Fitness 2J2 is a community based socially responsible health and wellness business; we are based out of Saskatoon.  At 2J2 we have worked directly with youth to adult’s; gifted high calibre athletes to those athletes with the Special Olympic program.  We are making a direct contribution to our communities. Encouraging and developing healthy and positive lifestyle for all through functional fitness programming.

Programming includes working directly with the schools and the Phys Ed teachers and coaches, in the evening with adult or communities groups.  Mentoring and developing future fitness leaders in community for sustainment of programming. 
Contact Us
Joel Pedersen, Saskatoon, SK
306 281-5338 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.fitness2j2.com