Rivers West District for Sport, Culture & Recreation

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Rivers West District for Sport, Culture & Recreation (DSCR) is an organization whose purpose is to enhance the delivery of lottery-funded sport, culture and recreation programming and services throughout the Rivers West District (please refer to map of the District).  Click here for our one page, printable information document. 


Rivers West provides the residents of the district with:

  • Grants/Funding Assistance
  • Direct Delivery Programs
  • Program Support
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Communication Directory
  • Liaison to the Global Organizations
  • Partnership Opportunities


To have all residents of Rivers West District live healthy, active lifestyles through community access to and participation in diverse sport, culture and recreation opportunities.


Rivers West District is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitate and foster the development and delivery of sport, culture, recreation and leadership programs and services.


  • Respect - Acting with fairness, honesty and professionalism. Valuing each others' perspectives, opinions, beliefs and contributions.
  • Participation - Active engagement for all. Striving to minimize barriers to participation for all.
  • Leadership - Taking a grassroots approach to enhance communities through collaboration and development.
  • Inclusion - Striving to be an organization who embraces all cultures, practices gender equity, and inclusion of all ages and abilities.
  • Transparency - Demonstrating honesty, fiscal integrity, ethical behaviour, openess and accountability in all we do.

Maps of Districts

Map of Rivers West District

Sport, Culture and Recreation Districts

2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

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 Southgate Arlene Chairperson - Arlene Southgate, Unity

463 5565f4702a53e Vice Chairperson - Erin Poitras, Biggar

464 5565f38ed2f8c Treasurer - Jordan Schechtel, Battleford

 Marciniuk Ollie Director - Ollie Marciniuk, Hafford

459 5565f67e1bd0f Director - Erin Munn, North Battleford

  Crystal Imrie picture Director - Crystal Imrie, Kyle

    Lisa Watson picture   Director - Lisa Watson, Elrose