Membership Services

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Application for active membership in the Rivers West District for Sport, Culture & Recreation Inc. is open to any interested individual, organization, recreation board or municipality within district boundaries.

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Active membership is a prerequisite for participation in Rivers West Inc. programs and services. Active membership is obtained through payment of a membership fee to the District.

Active membership can benefit the community in many ways:

Members are eligible to participate in the following programs and services:

Members are eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting and can nominate representatives to sit on the executive of the organization.

The Rivers West Inc. voices its members concerns and priorities to Provincial and National Sport, Culture, Heritage and Recreation organizations.

Members believe that Sport, Culture & Recreational activities are the fiber that holds our towns and villages together. Rivers West DSCR and members work together to improve the recreational opportunities and quality of life for the residents of the District.

Members believe that Economic, Social, Personal and Environmental benefits of Sport, Culture & Recreation have a lasting impact on the society we live in.